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Friday, April 22, 2011

What Should I Give Away???

First of all, you must understand that I'm not a hoarder: I'm a hunter-gatherer, and my art room is bursting at the seams with supplies that I will never get around to using.

When brads and eyelets were the big news in scrapbooking, I couldn’t rest until I had some of every size, shape and color available. Then there’s the patterned papers, handmade papers, corrugated papers, tissue papers, printed paper napkins, vellums, the stamp sets, brass label holders, ribbon slides, ribbons & fibers, fabrics, buttons, little round metal tins with glass tops - and that's just scratching the surface! (Oh yeah, and I didn't even open the door to the sewing room!)

I really need to de-stash in a big way, so I’m thinking I should have a give-away of some sort here on my blog.

How can you help? you ask. By telling me what sorts of things you would be excited about winning! Even if I didn't list it above, there's still a good chance I have it tucked away somewhere. Let me hear from you - the sooner I receive your opinions and suggestions, the sooner I'll get my give-away package ready to go!

I will post details as soon as I know them LOL!

BTW: I took these picture with my little cell phone! Isn't modern technology wonderful? And as if you can't tell, I am NOT a high-tech redneck, so I'm easily impressed.


  1. Well lets see!
    I like stamps,old fabric and lace.pretty paper too.
    i think anything is fun in a give away.
    Happy Easter...Hugs, Amy

  2. Oh I think a little bit of everything would be exciting!
    Happy Easter!

  3. Everything looks interesting !!! Looks a bit like my place ... and I am not a hoarder either , I like hunter / gatherer too !!
    Have a blessed Easter !
    The Little Things

  4. Hi there,

    I first saw your post to the Artist Trading Cards group and I am sure you have gotten a lot of feedback by now. Personally, I think you should give away what you feel good to part with in the first place. You should be happy to let go of it -- and then the winner will be equally happy. :)

    In any case, you are very generous to share your craft supplies -- way to go! :)

    Happy creating,

  5. I love ribbons, fibers, and brads you could throw a little of everything in. People aren't going to be disappointed with free stuff, lol. I'm considering doing this with some of the stuff I have that I don't use, I just have to find the time to go through it all, lol.

  6. Little bits of everything seem to satisfy! Thanks for stopping by my blog and leavings such sweet comments. take care, gerri

  7. LOL You sound alot like me!!! You just NEVER KNOW when you're going to need that special something...so if we just HAVE it...then we're always good to go!!! ;)

  8. I find schools, senior centers, Salvation Army (where people stay) are very happy to receive art items. Also on boards etc I have read where someone lost everything from fires, hurricanes,etc. I get their address and mail a box to help them start again.

    Good Luck
    debbie p